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Title: Theoretical and Experimental Considerations Regarding Cumulative Jet Formation Phenomena
Author(s): Constantin Enache   Costin-Şerban Niculae            

Abstract: Fragmentation phenomenon, as perturbing element in cumulative jets formation in explosive charges, can appear as a result of several influence factors depending on the structure of the materials utilized in cumulative charges manufacturing, on the geometrical characteristics, and the asymmetries of the component parts. These influences can be induced by the utilization of inefficient manufacturing technologies of the indicators due to inappropriate assembling. The paper presents some theoretical and practical issues concerning the influence factors on the performances of cumulative charges, useful for manufacturers and designers of cumulative warheads. Also, the paper presents some experimental studies concerning the metallization effect of the cumulative shell of the antitank ammunitions.

Keywords: shaped charges, jet, slug, cavity effect, liner, galvanic deposition.

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