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Title: Turbulence Modeling Applied to Aircraft Wake Vortex Study
Author(s): Cristian-Emil Moldoveanu   Florentin Moraru   Pamfil Şomoiag   Henri-Claude Boisson   Andr Giovannini   

Abstract: Developing air traffic and introducing large aircrafts in use in the group of transport aircrafts has led to the necessity to optimize separation distances between aircrafts, especially near airports. These distances are imposed by airport safety and security requirements, related to the action of the wake turbulence generated by an aircraft on another. At the edge of the aircraft wings, longitudinal vortices are created by pressure differences inside the boundary layers and rotated in opposite senses. This can constitute a danger to another aircraft that flies in this wake, especially during takeoff and landing. This study presents the modeling methods of the turbulence using Large Eddy Simulation and some applications in the case of wake vortex.

Keywords: wake vortex, Large Eddy Simulation, turbulence, simulation, aircraft, turbulent flow.