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Title: Efficient Spectrum Utilization: A Cognitive Approach
Author(s): Bisera Jankuloska   Mihajlo Pavloski   Milan Zahariev   Vladimir Atanasovski   Liljana Gavrilovska   

Abstract: As spectrum requirements increase for all types of users and services, research in cognitive networks and Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) grows exponentially. Cognitive Radios (CRs) are enablers of opportunistic wireless spectrum usage. Their key roles (such as spectrum sensing, spectrum sharing, etc.) provide more efficient spectrum utilization embedding higher degree of intelligence in wireless systems. This article gives an overview of the most important CR characteristics. It addresses some of the most commonly used spectrum sensing techniques, spectrum sharing approaches, and observes standardization efforts in the area. Additionally, the article reports on measurements of spectrum (under)utilization done on various places in the world.

Keywords: Cognitive Radio (CR), Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA), spectrum utilization, spectrum measurements.

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