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Title: A Policy Reasoning Architecture for Cognitive Radio Networks
Author(s): Valentina Palvoska   Daniel Denkovski   Vladimir Atanasovski   Liljana Gavrilovska      

Abstract: Cognitive radio networking is a technology aiming to improve wireless spectrum utilization. The classical concept of spectrum owning license by different stakeholders loses its merit in cognitive environments, where radios can dynamically access the spectrum. The dynamic spectrum access by cognitive radio devices requires abandoning the current concept of preprogrammed policies. Rather than that, it yields more flexible and dynamic policy systems in order to opportunistically use the temporary unused spectrum holes. This article advocates a policy based system in cognitive radio environments and proposes a novel policy reasoning architecture for cognitive radio networks [1, 2]. The paper evaluates and validates the proposed policy reasoning architecture in order to demonstrate its functionalities. The policy system is suitable for sharing and management of network resources through three types of policies: operators', regulators' and users'. Its capabilities for adaptation and flexibility to the various network conditions by means of dynamic policy changes make the system applicable for some future generation networks.

Keywords: cognitive radio, policy based networking, reasoning, policy management.


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