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Title: Airflow Parameters and Drag Coefficient Modeling Applied to 30 mm Caliber Ammunitions in Supersonic Flow
Author(s): George Surdu   Florentin Moraru   Georgică Slămnoiu   Pamfil Şomoiag   Alin-Constantin Sava   

Abstract: Developing the launching armament systems and types of ammunitions has led to the necessity to optimize projectile’s shapes using numerical models for drag forces and drag coefficients estimation. Several studies were developed to explain the evolution of aerodynamic coefficients for drag forces of different types of flows and incidence angles flows around projectiles. All these drag forces coefficients are used to establish projectile’s evolution on trajectory. This study presents a modeling method for supersonic airflow around a 30 mm projectile configuration and drag coefficient evaluation, using MacCormack explicit method.

Keywords: aerodynamics, finite differences, drag coefficient, external ballistics.


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