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Title: Performance Analysis of Modified NACA 0012 Airfoil with a Flap
Author(s): M. Senthil Kumar   R. Karthik            

Abstract: This paper investigates airfoil performance at low velocities, both with clean configuration and various camber flap sizes. The airfoil NACA 0012 is designed according to the standard specification with camber flap and without camber flap. The coordinates for creating the airfoil are obtained using geometric equations and it is programmed in the MATLAB software. Due to the addition of the camber flap, the increase in the lift coefficient is observed when the airfoil is restored to the specific angle of attack. The wind tunnel test is conducted to obtain the lift and drag force, from which the lift coefficient is calculated, and the pressure distribution over the airfoil is also presented.

Keywords: NACA 0012 airfoil, camber flap, angle of attack, wind tunnel test.


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