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Title: Orientation Image Estimation for Fingerprints by Gradient and FFT Based Methods
Author(s): Victor-Valeriu Patriciu   Stelian Spînu            

Abstract: The use of fingerprints as a biometric identifier is both the oldest mode of automatic person recognition and the most widely used today. The estimation of local ridge orientation in fingerprint image processing is a very important stage. Applications requiring the knowledge of the orientation image include feature extraction, segmentation, enhancement, and classification. In this paper, two approaches for estimating the local ridge orientation in fingerprint images were considered: the gradient-based method and the FFT method. Experiments were conducted on a set of fingerprints to evaluate the two methods, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Keywords: fingerprints, feature extraction, local ridge orientation, gradient-based method, fast Fourier transform, Gabor filter-bank.


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