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Title: Ad Hoc Networks and Their Security: A Survey
Author(s): Mihai-Lică Pura               

Abstract: Ad hoc networks are a new and very promising technology focusing on assuring connectivity between devices. The fact that these networks do not need any kind of infrastructure in order to operate makes them very useful in special scenarios. Military scenarios can also take advantage of this kind of networks. NATO has already taken them into consideration and some military forces use them as backup communication networks. This paper is intended to be an introduction to the ad hoc network concept and to the special security issues that this paradigm raises. There are presented: the networking paradigm on which this type of networks is based on, a general classification of the ad hoc networks, with an emphasis on what are the military applications of each of the classes, the possible ways in which ad hoc capability can be implemented, and the major security aspects and the most important results for them.

Keywords: ad hoc networks, secure ad hoc routing protocols, ad hoc network security.


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