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Title: Thin-Layer Chromatographic and UV-VIS Spectroscopic Analysis of Some Energetic Materials
Author(s): Marieta Botea               

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to present thin layer chromatographic and UV-VIS spectrometric identification techniques for some energetic materials (military primary and secondary explosives), diazodinitrophenol, sodium picramat, picramic acid and picric acid, stand alone and a mixture of them. Methods of identification and confirmation of explosives permitted a rapid separation and detection. We use for research, development work and for validation of some results obtained by thin layer chromatography and UV-VIS spectrometry, others phisico-chemical methods, such as HPLC, infrared spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance. In this paper there are presented the qualitative and quantitative analysis results obtained by thin layer chromatography and UV-VIS spectrometry.

Keywords: diazodinitrophenol, energetic materials, explosives, picric acid, thin layer chromatography, UV-VIS spectrometry.