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Title: Integration and Interaction in the World of Radar
Author(s): Piet van Genderen   Ioan Nicolaescu            

Abstract: The paper presents an overview of the trends in the development and the increasing variety of applications of radar. This large variety calls for integration of many disciplines of research and design teams and integration, across borders. The critical skills for the design of future radar are on the system architecture of the radar and on the accurate understanding of the needs of users. The interaction between competent scientists from many scientific domains and also their interaction with those who may want to exploit the radar as a sensor in any application are required in order to master the complexity of advanced radars. Developing these competences requires precious time and give-and-take from all those concerned. The paper shows a model for structuring knowledge and insists that such knowledge, at many institutes but certainly in high tech academies and industries must be maintained carefully: it takes many years to develop knowledge but only a few years to loose it.

Keywords: radar, integrated antenna, digital receiver, radar management, knowledge management.