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Title: The Influence of Modifications in Some Avionic Systems on Flight Safety
Author(s): Jan Labun               

Abstract: From global point of view, the air transport system, both civil and military, is currently following the vast trends of modernizations predominantly focused on the area of avionic systems. Various levels of modernizations, adaptations, repairs and replacements of avionic systems carried out on board of aircraft may result in major or minor changes – differences in the mechanical integration or electrical connection of the original system. In most cases, suggestions and implementations of such changes lead to higher quality and safety of the transport system. It happens, though, that such activities involve unconscious designs and implementations of a mechanical change, connection of replacement of an avionic system that also changes the positive intention of the original design. Such a change becomes apparent often at tuning-in the avionic system appearing as a failure or a difference preventing the aircrafts to be released for operation. It may also happen that such a difference has not been revealed, for various reasons, and, ultimately it turns into a threat to the transport system in terms of flight safety. The article deals with several minor modifications that, having been suggested and implemented on aircraft, were difficult to identify as failures when in operation.

Keywords: air transport system safety, modernization, avionic system, communication preparation, text process.