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Title: Analysis on the Influence of the Multipath Propagation upon the Spectral Characteristics of GSM Signals
Author(s): Ana-Maria Neagu   Radu Mitran   Alina Hangan   Paul Bechet   Iulian Bouleanu   

Abstract: Analyzing and understanding the behavior of the radio channel is essential not only in efficiently developing and using any mobile communications system, but also in configuring the radio networks at parameters assuring links with a high quality of services. This paper analyzes the influence of a radio channel affected by fading upon the GSM signal, emphasizing the influence of fading with respect to the number of propagation paths and maximal delay spread. Due to the dependence of the attenuation value introduced in the propagation environment on the frequency of the transmitted signal, it is important to run the spectral analysis according to the carrier frequency used for transmission.

Keywords: maximal delay spread, fading, spectral power.