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Title: New Way of Terrorism: Internet- and Cyber-Terrorism
Author(s): Zsolt Haig   Laszlo Kovacs            

Abstract: In nowadays’ society information has more significance than ever. The up-to-date information technology has been spreading to an extent never seen before and by its use we can get access to a huge amount of information. In the information society free access to information and its use has a basic significance. This ensures the operation and actuation of society. In case infrastructures built on these information technologies are damaged by various impacts, their operation becomes restricted and this affects the operation of society to a great extent. This fact has been realized, among others, by the terrorist organizations. In this present paper we show how the terrorist organizations use the possibilities given by the Internet to organize their own activities, to present their organizations and we also show what opportunities they have, by using the net, to execute various attacks.

Keywords: terrorism, Internet, information terrorism, cyber-terrorism, MALWARE.