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Title: Beam Synthesis of Phased Circular Antenna Arrays Using Taguchi Method
Author(s): Amor Smida   Ridha Ghayoula   Adnen Troudi   Hichem Trabelsi   Ali Gharsallah   

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to present a beam synthesis technique for circular antenna array antennas with efficient tapering. This paper describes a Taguchi to synthesize circular antenna arrays controlled by the phase and amplitude excitation, to synthesize directive lobe. The advantage of Taguchi’s optimization technique is the ability of solving problems with a high degree of complexity using a small number of experiments. In the optimization process, Taguchi’s method is easy to implement and converges to the desired goal quickly. A 16-element circular antenna has been simulated and tested for various types of beam configurations.

Keywords: component Taguchi method, circular antenna array, Steering beams, multiple steering.


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