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Title: On Routing in Cognitive Radio Networks
Author(s): Alexandru Popescu   Markus Fiedler            

Abstract: Cognitive Radio Networks are expected to resolve important technological and operational challenges of future networks, such as Dynamic Spectrum Access, routing in heterogeneous networks, and provisioning of Quality of Experience for different applications. Accordingly, a number of new terminal and network functionalities are required to solve the technical problems and to provide efficient management. The paper advances a new solution for routing in Cognitive Radio Networks, providing communication between Secondary Users occupying different so-called Spectrum Opportunities, i.e., portions of spectrum not occupied by Primary Users. This entails solving a complex process consisting of two fundamental elements. These are the multi-constraint routing and the multi-dimensional adaptation for multiple cognitive radio dimensions like space, frequency, power, and time. The goal of the paper is to develop optimization algorithms necessary to provide end-to-end routing paths for communication between Secondary Users with associated Quality of Experience demands.

Keywords: cognitive radio network management, spectrum access, route optimization, quality-of-experience.


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