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Title: Study the Possibility of Making Improvised Explosive Devices Using Gas Mixtures
Author(s): Costin-Şerban Niculae               

Abstract: Making improvised explosive devices using gas mixtures is a new perspective, which is not analyzed in the specialized literature, due to several requirements that must be achieved, among which we can mention: the homogeneity of gaseous mixture, detonation limits of gaseous mixture depending on the percentage of participation of the components, etc. The methods used for the detonation analysis of a gaseous mixture are different, based on the calculation of overpressure in the shock wave and comparing this value with the threshold values, which can be checked using numerical analysis using the finite element method or applied. The paper analyzes the method of detonation wave propagation inside the gaseous atmosphere, and positive pressure in the calculation of shock wave in front of a LPG-air mixture.

Keywords: explosive atmosphere, improvised explosive device, explosivity limits


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