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Title: Digital Forensics in Cloud Computing Applied to New or Existing Datacenter Architectures
Author(s): Alecsandru Pătraşcu   Ion Bica   Victor-Valeriu Patriciu         

Abstract: Cloud computing technologies have an important place in todays digital environment as they offer the user attractive benefits such as information backup, file storage, renting virtual machines. In this context we need to know exactly where, when and how a piece of data is processed and, even more, we need to know what is happening in a datacenter at the virtual machine level. This means we must have installed, at the datacenter level, a system that can detect anomalies based on the usage pattern of virtual machines. In this paper we will present a novel way of monitoring virtual machine activity in datacenters and how we use this information in order to train our automated anomalies machine learning modules.

Keywords: Cloud computing, data forensics, anomaly detection framework, distributed computing


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