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Title: Automatic System for Small Arms AKM Conversion to Semiauto Rifle
Author(s): Marius Cîrmaci   Florin Ilie   Daniel Antonie   Sorin-Răzvan Eşanu   Georgeta-Diana Nistoran   

Abstract: The paper shows an efficient method for rapid conversion of an automatic AK system to a semiautomatic one. There is a well known appetite of some civilian buyers on worldwide markets for a Kalashnikov with similar appearance to a real assault rifle. Fortunately, in Europe the automatic rifles are still prohibitive for civilians, according to Category A of the European Council Directive of 18 June 1991. Despite these restrictions, a large number of semiautomatic weapons sold all over the world are converted into automatic weapons. The process is easier to fulfill as the semiautomatic weapon was originally a military automatic one.

Keywords: semiautomatic, conversion, CAD, AK.


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