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Title: Some Considerations on the Simulation of the Fluid-Float Bridge Support Interaction
Author(s): Gheorghe Olaru   Nicolae Constantinescu   Marin Lupoae         

Abstract: The modernization process of crossing capabilities over rivers, encountered in contemporary armies, has raised intense concerns about the development of the self-propulsion amphibious bridges, due to their substantial advantages. As a result, the study of oscillations generated by the supports of floating bridges made up of amphibious machines represents an actual problem. The fluid-float bridge support interaction depends of: the mechanical behavior and constructive structure of the floating bridge support; the characteristics which define the state of the fluid medium, the water, with which the floating bridge support is in permanent contact. The problem of fluid-float bridge support interaction presumes the analysis of two groups of factors mentioned above. Assuming an amphibious machine with two axles on which two floats are disposed longitudinally, this study presents the general characteristics of the fluid medium, the float bridge support loading and the simulation of the fluid-float bridge support interaction.

Keywords: pressure wave, finite element method, pressure loading, fluid medium, oscillations, modeling and simulation.

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