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Title: Considerations on Cloud Computing Security
Author(s): Mihai Togan                  

Abstract: The major progress in the field of network technologies along with the growth in the need of computing resources determines more and more organizations to outsource their storage and data processing needs. This new economic and computing model is commonly referred to as cloud computing. The security issues raised by the use of cloud systems still is, in the opinion of many experts, the main barrier in the widespread adoption of the services provided by these infrastructures. This paper contains a number of issues and considerations regarding the security of cloud environments. The first part of this paper presents some security issues raised by the peculiarities and the architecture of cloud infrastructures. The security issues of cloud services can be viewed from multiple directions. One of them is related to the cloud model used. The paper discusses some particular aspects of each of the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS–recognized cloud models, but also aspects related to the process of outsourcing data to the cloud. The second part of the paper presents a series of security solutions. The security techniques discussed hereinafter are mapped to security requirements characteristic of cloud environments both in terms of services and client applications.

Keywords: cloud, security issues, virtualization, data, services, security techniques.


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