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Title: Updating Old Armored Vehicles vs. Buying New Products. Experimental Research - Making Decision in Updating
Author(s): Radu Vilău   Constantin Enache            

Abstract: Military automotive, both wheeled and tracked can be partially updated, without substantial changes, after carefully analyzing the updating costs versus buying a new product. This becomes a necessity, since we are living permanent changes of the weapon systems demands as well as public roads safety regulations. For instance, the older amphibious personnel carriers have non-ABS braking systems. To establishing the opportunity of equipping them with ABS, we proceeded in developing an experimental research program that allowed us to determine the braking process parameters that help in deciding whether to buy an aftermarket ABS for the existing carriers. The tests were performed according to some specific procedures and qualified equipment of the LACEBAT laboratory of the MTA.

Keywords: Mathematical model, simulation, servomechanism, dynamic performances.


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