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Title: The Dynamic Performances Analyses of Steering Servomechanism that Equips some Tracked Vehicle
Author(s): Radu Vilău            

Abstract: The paper presents an analysis using modeling and simulating techniques of a steering servomechanism that equips a tracked military vehicle. The modern simulation software allows studying the complex automotive systems; at the same time allows the fast variation of the systems parameters and the study of all influences that occur within the working system. The mathematical model can be obtained based on the mathematical equations that describe the working way of the systems components. In the same time the working characteristic features of a process can be synthetically expressed as a mathematical model. The dynamic performances of the system can be analyzed using the model. Also this represents a proper way to improve them, as far as the actual evolution of the system is accurately enough described. Some of dynamic charts are presented and improvements of the dynamic performance methods are given. As far as the validation of the mathematical model is concerned, the modeling error should be kept under tight control.

Keywords: Mathematical model, simulation, servomechanism, dynamic performances


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