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Title: Study of the Effect of 7.62 mm Caliber Ammunition, on Concrete. Comparative Analysis between Eastern and Western Types Ammunition
Author(s): Alin-Constantin Sava   Cristian-Emil Moldoveanu   Pamfil Şomoiag   Georgeta-Diana Nistoran      

Abstract: This paper is aimed at disseminating the results obtained after the behavior analysis of 7.62 mm caliber ammunition, to acquire a more accurate characterization of ricochet and its impact associated phenomena, while shooting with infantry weapons. The authors studied the impact from the above-mentioned ammunition and a concrete wall. They wanted to validate theoretical results through experimental activities. To hold fair conclusions, there were analyzed ammunitions of 7.62 mm caliber originated both of Eastern and Western Europe. For a higher relevance of made measurements, there were conducted comparative tests, which were subsequently interpreted. The findings obtained contribute to an increase in range firings safety. Therewith, the study may be one of the prerequisites for infrastructure upgrading in the training bases of forces within the National Security and National Defense System.

Keywords: residual energy, concrete target, perforation, comparative analysis


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