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Title: Analysis of Impact between Piercing Incendiary Bullets and Armoured Plate
Author(s): Alin-Constantin Sava   Cătălin-Eugen Ionescu   Constantin Enache   Alina-Daniela Popa   Marinel Cîmpeanu   

Abstract: This paper proposes the analysis of experimental and numerical results in response to accomplishment of some experimental tests. Experimental tests have consisted in executed experimental firing into a rifle range. Materials used to experimental firings are: armament, ammunition, armoured plate and ballistic protection equipment. Armament consists in Barinov ballistic barrel, Leva?ov ballistic barrel and 14.5 mm calibre machine gun mounted on armoured amphibious transporter (MTB). Ammunition is represented by 7.6254, 12.7108 and 14.5114 mm calibre piercing-incendiary bullets. Ballistic protection equipment is constituted by bulletproof jacket. The impact process between 14.5114 mm calibre piercing-incendiary bullet and 6 mm thickness armour plate was moulded by Ls-Dyna support, which is a finite elements program for dynamics analysis of structures.

Keywords: piercing-incendiary bullet, bulletproof jacket, armoured plate


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