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Title: Android Application for Confidential Image Communication Using
Author(s): Jean Nkapkop de Dieu   Claudiu Cioara   George Nicolae Matei   Joseph Yves Effa   Romulus Terebes   Monica Borda   

Abstract: In today’s world, in all public telecommunication networks, such as TV cable, mobile phones, satellite, the Internet, etc., digital image encryption became a field that has drawn much attention. As a result, their security has become increasingly important in many applications in which real time, fast, secure and reliable monitoring are essential requirements. For this purpose, we had earlier developed and implemented a permutation-diffusion algorithm for a fast and secure symmetric image encryption using the chaotic maps. This paper presents the development of an Android application for confidential image communication for the developed algorithm. The proposed application was designed using the Java programming language and the Android Software Development Kit, for transmission and reception of any type of image in a secrete manner before it is transmitted over the network to another user via smart mobile phones or tablets running Android operating system. For communication and also for transferring of an image file from one device to another, the TCP/IP protocol is used. By using the proposed mobile image encryption application, efficient image file transfer between two mobile devices is achieved with a high security mechanism to protect the users’ private image leakage to the unauthorized end-user, which renders it very suitable for the real-time communication of confidential images encryption on at least two Android mobile devices.

Keywords: Image encryption, chaotic maps, Java, Android, mobile devices.


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