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Title: Specific Regulations for Urban Military Operations
Author(s): Laviniu Haller   Andrei Mandache-Dodoiu   Daniel Zvincu   Marius-Valeriu Cirmaci-Matei   Bogdan Pulpea   Ioan Vedinaș   

Abstract: Since the battle of Stalingrad, the conceptions regarding urban warfare have been continuously changing. Urban areas are topographic complexes characterized by anthropomorphic constructions, a large density of civilian population and by various means of logistic support. Both offensive and defensive tactics during urban warfare are to be carried out with respect to the specific environment and support. Thus, tactics and safety regulations are to be specifically developed. This paper introduces means of adopting the necessary safety regulations when facing small calibre weapons engagement in urban combat and proposes fire solutions regarding offensive and defensive situations.

Keywords: urban operations, risk, range safety.


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