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Title: Low Velocity Impact on a Sandwich Panel with an Irregular Honeycomb Shaped Foam Core
Author(s): Oana Mocian   Dragos-Alexandru Apostol   Dan-Mihai Constantinescu         

Abstract: Sandwich panels are increasingly being used in many different applications such as aerospace, automotive or military, mainly due to their high strength-to-weight ratio and impact and damage resistance. Understanding the behavior of these sandwich structures to low speed impact damage is of major importance when referring to both damage resistance and damage tolerance. Energy absorption criteria represent a way to asses crashworthiness of sandwich panels that are subjected to low velocity impact either by studying the core material or the overall structure. The following paper analyzes a metal sheet sandwich panel with an irregular honeycomb shaped polyurethane foam core by using three different impact velocities and three different foam core densities.

Keywords: Energy absorption, foam core, honeycomb, low velocity impact, sandwich panel.


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