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Title: Detection of the Distributed New Shrew Attacks
Author(s): Paul Cotae   Myong Kang   Cristina Cica            

Abstract: We focus on the detection schemes for the New Distributed Shrew attacks based on their spectral properties. Fisher g-statistics test for one time series was used to detect low frequency periodic bursts of Shrew and New Shrew attacks. Spectral analyzer results are illustrated for Low Rate Denial of Service Attacks (LR DoS). The main contribution of this paper is the extension of Fisher g-statistic test to multiple time series. We developed an algorithm based on Fisher G-statistics test that identifies all attackers of the Distributed New Shrew attacks. Numerical examples of Fisher g-statistics test for one time series and of Fisher G-statistics test for multiple time series are provided. We have simulated the Shrew, New Shrew and Distributed New Shrew attacks with an NS-3 simulator.

Keywords: g-statistic, p-value, Fisher test, significance test, periodic content, low rate DoS attack detection, Shrew attack.


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