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Title: Composite Materials Used in Aviation: Experimental and Numerical Studies of Drilling Multi-Materials Type Composite/Aluminium
Author(s): Diana-Oana Dumitrascu   Iasmin-Adrian Burlacu   Tudor-Viorel Ţigănescu   Constantin Enache   Andreea-Elena Voicu   

Abstract: The current paper is concerned with the drilling process on a multi-material which consists of an Aluminium plate, in the bottom and a CFRP plate, in the top. It will be proposed a new finite element model and two situations will be considered in order to analyse the mechanical behaviour at the interface during the displacement of the tool inside the multi-materials. Drilling of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) is manageable, but when the drill hits aluminium (Al) considerable damages of the CFRP hole are produced. More precisely, the main objective is to analyse the local deflection of the CFRP and aluminium parts.

Keywords: CFRP, drilling, displacement.


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