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Title: Data Acquisition and Big Data Techniques for User Profiling in Internet of Things
Author(s): Valentin-Alexandru Vlăduță   Ana-Maria Ghimes   Victor-Valeriu Patriciu         

Abstract: Research indicates that data acquisition is one of the most important aspects when referring to internet of things. Without a proper and optimized data collection method, no user profiling or any type of analysis cannot be employed on data. This paper combines two distinct topics in order to build a more complex and complete subject of real interest to present day research. Data profiling represents the core of big data analysis experience. Collection and exploitation of quality data contained in high volumes of multiple different data sources can be turned to advantage of various companies and vendors. User profiling represents the process of collecting information about a user in order to construct their profile. User profiles are important in several applications which need to use recommendation engines, search engines or filtering systems.

Keywords: wireless sensor network, data gathering protocols, user profiling, machine learning, data mining.


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