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Title: Tailoring Capabilities of Carbon Fiber Angle Ply Composites
Author(s): Andra Negru   Radu-Călin Pahonie   Mihai Mihăilă-Andres   Razvan-Viorel Mihai      

Abstract: Woven fabric composite laminates are increasingly popular in the aircraft industry due to their controllable directional stiffness, their balanced mechanical properties within each fabric plane and their excellent formability. In practice, although glass woven fabrics are preferred due to the low cost, to achieve the designed strength without adding to the weight, carbon fiber laminates are often used. In the present work, a series of static tensile tests were conducted on symmetric carbon fiber laminates with different ply orientations to highlight the tailoring effect on the directional stiffness of the laminates. The static mechanical properties like tensile strength and flexural strength and the influence of the orientation angles are discussed and analyzed. A finite element model of the tensile tests is also presented and the numerical data is discussed and compared with the experimental results.

Keywords: carbon fibers, tensile test, ply orientation angle


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