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Title: Detection of Hidden Objects by Infrared Systems
Author(s): Robert Breda   Milos Sotak            

Abstract: The problem of locating the position of mines plays a very important role, both militarily and humanitarianly. Lots of people, on a daily basis, get hurt or even killed – by remnants of military conflicts. Consequently, detection of mines is becoming the central issue of a considerable effort in research. Detection of dangerous objects – anti-tank and anti-personnel mines – can be also resolved by the method of processing the scanned visual information. The standard methods of locating anti-tank or anti-personnel mines are increasingly demanding in terms of time, the level of proficiency of mine-sweepers or engineers. The possibility of remote detection of mines from aircraft, helicopters or unmanned aerial vehicles reduces time demanding of mine-sweeping actions and costs, and enables automation of the process thereby reducing the influence of the human factor. The contribution is a proposal of an algorithm of mine detection in via visual information in the infrared spectrum. It also contains a description of the procedures used by thermal image processing and that of the Hough’s transformation used in the algorithm for detection mine in the image. The results of proposed algorithm designed to detect dangerous objects were used on real image of a minefield.

Keywords: mine detection, image processing, segmentation, Hough’s transformation.

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