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Title: The Influence of the Fabrication and Assemblage Technologies on Working Mode of Sliding Bearings with Superior Performances
Author(s): Roxana Nedelcu   Marian Bunea            

Abstract: Sliding bearings are important machinery elements that sustain other members (spindles or cranked shafts) to send motions. By sliding surfaces, the bearings are taking over radial, axial and combined forces and, at the same time, they allow the spindle to have rotary motions or oscillations. The relative motion between bearing and spindle is faced with a resistance due to friction, which necessitates energy input to be overcome. The thermal effect due to frictions in sliding bearings is very important for practical applications. The paper presents a simulation procedure by finite elements for hydrodynamic lubrication of sliding bearings. We have also studied, using numerical analysis, the influences of geometric discrepancy and pin-bearing misalignment.

Keywords: hydrodynamic lubrication, sliding bearings, Finite Element Method, geometric discrepancy, misalignment.

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