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Title: Improving the Quality of Stored Blood by Low-Level Laser Irradiation prior to Transfusion Procedures: An In Vitro Study
Author(s): Dan-Georgel Sipoşan   Petrică Ciotîrnae   Răzvan-Doru Raicu         

Abstract: The purpose of the current study was to clarify whether or not the method of low-laser irradiation of stored blood could be a prospect method in transfusion hematology, in order to improve the quality of stored blood. We irradiated blood from different donors, preserved in MacoPharma-type bags, using various irradiation sources in the spectral range of 630-990 nm. We looked for the dependence of the most important blood parameters characteristic for the preservation process, i.e., rheologic, plasmatic ions, osmotic resistance, viscosity, free hemoglobin, and erythrocyte functional morphology, as a function of laser parameters: wavelength, irradiating dose, mode of laser functioning, and frequency of modulation. The most important results consisted in the beneficial effects, such as decreasing the level of K+ plasmatic ions, mean corpuscular volume and free hemoglobin, as well as the increase of osmotic globular resistance, for the irradiated blood, using some particular protocols of irradiation. The most remarkable effects occurred in the case of effectively received doses between 0.1 and 1.0 J•cm–3 in a continuous functioning mode of irradiation, and of doses around one order lower in pulsed functioning mode. The main conclusion drawn from the results is that the most efficient irradiation aiming at rejuvenation of stored blood was that performed with infrared pulsed matrices, on large bags. The advantages of the proposed method – low cost, non-noxious or harmful, easy to implement, and closed system procedure – recommend it to be part of the current transfusion practice probably not before long.

Keywords: low-level laser irradiation, free hemoglobin, osmotic resistance, rejuvenation.

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